We grow peppers =]

We started a garden in 2010 and haven't stopped yet!
Every year we learn something new and make our grow more efficient and provide higher quality to our customers.

We strive for high quality

We don't cheap out on materials, We dont harvest early, We don't sell old / stale product
We keep evertyhing clean as possible.

We don't use harsh chemicals

We use natural pest control methods (predators, ground cover, trellis)
When we do have a problem (invevitable) we only apply organic pesticide. In 2017 we only applied pesticide twice to stop local infestations.

We are helpful / transparent

Our growing methods are recorded in our glog and youtube channel.
We also have a FAQ / Guide setup on reddit and THP. Feel free to ask questions and tag us!

We give back to the community

We run seed exchanges, giveaways, facilitate growdown, facilitate communication with other experts.

We share our info

come join us at PepperDatabase
lets make the most comprehensive pepper reference. variety/species info, picutes, and reviews!