Medium Box Fresh Peppers
Fresh peppers harvested in our field and shipped within 24 hours. Grown outdoor hydroponically in Oklahoma. No pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. small box = 17$ = .8 lb about 25 peppers medium box = 40$ = 3 lb about 80 peppers 2019 Varieties: Superhot = Reaper (red, brown, yellow), Ghost (red, brown, yellow), Brainstrain (red, brown yellow) Medium = Scotch bonnet MoA, Bahamian Goat, Fatalii, mini rocoto Mild = biquinho (red, yellow), aji brazilian starfish might be a few more secret ones i can include i haven't listed. ALLOW 20 DAYS LEAD TIME ON ALL ORDERS!!! your order time will depend on 1. when peppers are available 2. when we harvest them so they can be shipped with 24 hours.
price: $30.00shipping: $10.00