Scorpion Seed CARDI
10 seeds - isolated The original scorpion berry is oblong in shape with a light green in colour and ripens to a mature blood red. It has a characteristic hook called the tail with a rough exocarp. Each fruit is 4.9 cm long and 2.4 cm wide and weighs an average of 5 grams. Ripe berries can be harvested from 84 days after transplanting and the plants can remain in harvest for a further 150 days. The plant growth is bushy and vigorous under hot, humid conditions. Due to its high heat content it is favoured by those accustomed in culinary for spicy dishes but is more suited for industrial processing into dry flakes, capsaicin for Mace, paint, arthritic medications, animal feeds CARDI QUALITY SEEDS are produced in the most isolated and protected areas of Antigua & Barbudaand Belize where selection of our seed by our breeders are done through a rigorous selection process to keep out Gemini viruses, phytophthora root rot, anthracnose and other pepper diseases. Rigorous rogue-ing to get seeds only from true to type mother plants. Rapid extraction and seed processing methods ensure high germination rates and viability. In addition seeds are treated against viral particles, fungi and pests and all micro-organisms.
price: $3.00