Superhot Plants
This 6 pack of plants contains superhots These are selected from our own stock. All are very productive! Plants were started in our grow room in January. Grown in coconut coir. No herbicide, fungicide, or pesticide. 2x SB7J (scotch bonnet x 7 pot jonah) a cool looking superhot. very bumpy. has a good scotch bonnet taste. If you cut laterally can dry them into little pucks, good for a superhot pizza. 2x Reaper The official hottest. cool tails. 2x BBM Different heat and flavor than red varieties. Rich sweet flavor(think raisins). add 2 to a pot of chili is great. The heat can feel worse than reaper. you feel it in your throat / gut. LOCALS USE LOCAL PLANTS ITEM! NO SHIPPING CHARGE!!
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